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Trying to overcome your fear for Clowns? Then what better place to face your biggest fear then in close quarters with your favorite clowns

A terrifyingly unique experience, where you along with a single guest will encounter a nearly 30-minute fear challenge that will require complete trust from your partner.


Upon entering the dimly lit facility, One at a time you will each enter completely blacked out quarters. Depending on the fear your group has chosen, you may encounter evil clowns, the possessed, or the living dead!

You will spend up to 10 antagonizing minutes in this realm attempting to navigate through it in total darkness … ALONE!


But, there is hope! Your partner will be just outside in a control booth watching your every move on a monitor using infrared cameras located within the world that you inhabit. They will see your every move and everything else possibly lurking beside you.


Your goal, as a brave soul, will be to use your partner’s eyes as they navigate you to collect specific props and survival coins. Upon successful survival, the game is then reversed. Your partner will then enter a completely different realm, and YOU will be responsible for navigating them through the terror. But just because you are in the control room...that doesn't mean you are safe!


Imagine the ability to see what is about to unfold right in front of your partner’s eyes, yet they have absolutely no awareness of the evil before them. Will you guide them to victory? Or will you use this opportunity to seek revenge? You decide!!!


This attraction was designed specifically for groups of 2 but can accommodate up to 4 guests for those of you who just can not bare to be ALONE!




THis is not a walk through maze

this is a unique, fun and terrifying game type experience

you will be locked in a room in total darkness with your biggest fears.


This attraction was designed specifically for groups of 2 but can accommodate up to 4 guests for those of you who just can not bare to be ALONE!

choose your experience general online (REcommended) 20


general box office 20


re-entry (box office only) 13

living Dead

The living dead epidemic can begin anytime and anywhere! even in your very own living room. stay clear from the windows and doors!


This is no laughing matter. Those of you who believe will be terrified! Have faith in here! you will need it to survive.

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8TH, 9TH, 10TH & 11TH
15TH, 16TH, 17TH & 18TH
22ND, 23RD, 24TH & 25TH
7:00PM - 11:00PM
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Sinister Pointe's
797 West Imperial Hwy, Brea CA 92821
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